Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Semaglutide have become a true craze in weight loss over the last 18 months. In many instances, a 15-20% loss in weight over the period of a year is achievable. The excitement is justified, as there has never been a class of medications available to patients that is this effective with so few side effects.

Unfortunately, this popularity has caused significant supply shortages from the makes of the name-brand medications. Ozempic and Mounjaro were originally FDA-approved to assist diabetic patients in better controlling blood sugar levels and was found to have additional dramatic weight loss properties. We know that helping patients maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle can decrease the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. For this reason, these medications can play a large role in treating patients that are not diabetic, but may be at risk for diabetes and heart disease in the future.

When a drug is in shortage, the FDA allows specialized compounding pharmacies to produce a medication to allow patient access. Many compounding pharmacies have been able to provide medical offices and patients with a compounded version of Ozempic, which is created from the main active ingredient in Ozempic, semaglutide. There are several reasons why using compounded semaglutide is a viable option for those seeking the weight loss benefits of the medication.

First, using the compounded version of semaglutide allows patients who are using Ozempic or Mounjaro for diabetes to be able to obtain their medication. The compounded version of semaglutide is not taking away from the commercial supply of Ozempic or Mounjaro. The compounded product does, in fact, supplement the supply for diabetic patients who cannot obtain Ozempic or Mounjaro.

Second, compounded versions of semaglutide can be very effective. Many patients have used a compounded version of semaglutide with great success. As with any medication, sourcing is an important safety factor. It is important to make sure the semaglutide is coming from an accredited American compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacies have to maintain certain standards and adhere to strict quality control guidelines when preparing medication for patient use.

Finally, the cost of compounded semaglutide can be hundreds less per month than name brand Ozempic or Mounjaro. For many patients, particularly those whose health insurance may not cover Ozempic, the compounded version allows financial access to the medication that may not exist otherwise. 

Florida Weight Loss Clinics Near You

At New Horizon Wellness Clinics we obtain our compounded semaglutide from only well-vetted pharmacies with years of experience providing compounded medications safely. When compounded medications come from certified Florida compounding pharmacies, they can be effective, lower cost, and do not deplete the supply of Ozempic or Mounjaro for diabetic patients. If you are looking to explore whether semaglutide may be viable for you, contact a medical weight loss clinic near you. New Horizon Wellness Clinics have medical weight loss clinics in Tallahassee, Jacksonville Beach, The Villages, and Winter Haven.