Those who suffer from depression have no single set of risk factors.  Depression can effect  people regardless of their race, gender, sex or economic reality. One unique segment of the population; corporate executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs, appear especially sensitive to depressive conditions according to a recent study.   Often, the same tenacious, perfectionist personalities that drove them to success, as well as the high stress businesses they create, can lead to mental health challenges over time. 

 Nearly 50% of entrepreneurs report suffering from a mental health condition, much higher than the 18.5% reported in the general population.   Of these nearly 30% admit that they’ve suffered from depression their entire lives. For high performing business people, even more so than others, reaching out for help isn’t easy. Whether these individuals view mental health issues as a weakness, or feel they don’t have the time to address it, they often feel they should be strong enough to handle their depression without outside help. Recent high profile suicides, such as Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, are sad evidence that highly successful people often choose to suffer in silence. Those closest to them may be the most surprised to learn of their struggles. 

 Some signs of depression that may present in the business executive, such as disengagement, an inability to concentrate, lapses in self-care, etc., can cause their work performance, and sometimes their overall business, to suffer.  However, depression is not something that can be “coached out” of someone, or something they can just “snap out of”.

 Knowing these challenges exist, what depression treatments may be available to high-functioning, high stress business people? Those that may be worried that their employees or stockholders will lose faith and their business will suffer if their struggle with depression is revealed? 

Traditional antidepressants are certainly the standard of care, but can take months to begin working, if they work at all. Alternatively, talk therapy requires an investment of consistent time and effort, which comes at a high premium and limited supply for these individuals. 

Looking at these challenges Ketamine infusions, may be an attractive option for business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs looking to rapidly and effectively treat the symptoms of their depression. Ketamine is effective in up to 70% of people suffering from depression. The patient will also be able to determine quickly if the therapy is working,  often within 1-2 sessions. Ketamine requires an induction period of 4-6 infusions over a two – three week period, but, after that, maintenance infusions are done only on an as-needed basis. Treatments are administered individually and privately, away from the public eye.


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