Florida Ketamine Patient Reviews

At New Horizon Infusion Clinics, we believe in providing compassionate care and innovative treatment options to help individuals overcome the challenges of their health conditions. Through our state-of-the-art clinics and dedicated team of professionals, we have witnessed countless stories of resilience, recovery, and renewed hope.

As you explore the real patient testimonials below, we hope you will be inspired by the life-changing impact that ketamine infusion therapy can have on those looking for relief and a brighter future. 

“I have had a really good experience with NH (New Horizon) clinic. I was really unsure if this could help me or not, but after my first treatment, I knew I had made the right choice. They are all very nice and professional. The treatment is something I wish I had known about or had been available years ago. I’m really grateful to the whole team for what they do.” – Carolyn, Google

“Staff are so amazing and very helpful. They are very thorough on going over the process. I had my first infusion yesterday and can not believe I’m already feeling so much better.” – Heather, Tallahassee FL, Google

“If you are thinking about Ketamine treatments, this is the place to go. The atmosphere is professional yet cozy. I can’t say enough about Dr. Kirsch and Nurse Audrey. Their compassionate care and knowledge helped me tremendously! The treatments exceeded my expectations. Thank you!” – JL, Tallahassee FL, Google

“This experience has exceeded my expectations. Not only the treatment but the staff has been super attentive and helpful through this whole experience so far. I can’t recommend them enough!!!” – Rebekah, Tallahassee FL, Google

They are awesome! They take good care of you. Ginger, Tallahassee FL, Facebook 

“Great experience. Friendly staff with comfortable setting. Treatments work wonders with mental health. 10/10 recommend. Thanks!” – Ricky, Tallahassee FL, Google

“Your best-added support. Confident and competent care. These pros are great at what they do!” – David, Tallahassee FL, Google

“Very nice staff! Got my first infusion and looking forward to my next one. Everyone was very personable and encouraging” – Val, Tallahassee FL, Google

“Ketamine treatment for chronic pain for me has been miraculous. I completed my 6th treatment almost a week ago now, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is suffering.” – Bret, Tallahassee FL, Top-Rated

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