Ketamine infusion therapy has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment option in the field of mental health. As the medical community continues to explore innovative approaches to address conditions such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, ketamine infusion has garnered attention for its rapid and transformative effects.

Ketamine infusions are a specialized medical procedure involving the administration of a dissociative anesthetic, ketamine, through a controlled intravenous (IV) infusion. Initially developed as an anesthetic and pain reliever, ketamine has demonstrated remarkable properties in treating psychiatric disorders when used in lower doses.

Below are our standard instructions for how to prepare for your upcoming Ketamine Infusion Therapy appointment.

Pre-Treatment Instructions for Ketamine Therapy

  1. No food for six (6) hours and no drink for four (4) hours before your treatment time. You may take small sips of water with your medications. Try to drink a lot of water the day before your infusion, as this can help with IV access.
  2. Food and beverages are not permitted during the infusion.
  3. Please turn off all cell phones or put on airplane mode during treatment.
  4. You may bring your own pillow and blanket for comfort during the infusion.
  5. No reading, using phone or watching movies during treatment.
  6. No narcotics or ADD/ADHD medications on the day of treatment. If possible, avoid benzodiazepines and lamotrigine 24 hours prior to appointment. Please take your blood pressure medications.
  7. Please try to maintain a calm, quiet demeanor throughout the infusion in effort to remain relaxed and comfortable.
  8. You are encouraged to bring headphones/earbuds, with calm soothing music already on your phone.
  9. Prior to your first treatment, please fill out Surveys that are sent to you via Osmind, as this helps clinicians determine effectiveness of treatments.
  10. Please bring a physical, government-issued photo identification (Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card,  assport) to your first infusion appointment.

Post-Treatment Instructions for Ketamine Therapy

  1. No driving or operating heavy equipment for 24 hours after a treatment.
  2. No alcohol consumption within 24 hours after completing the infusion.
  3. Resume regular diet as tolerated. On rare occasions, some patients will experience nausea
  4. Resume normal afternoon or evening medications.
  5. Go to the emergency room if you experience chest pain, hives, shortness of breath, increasing weakness or swelling of your IV site with redness. It is normal to feel fatigue the day of treatment.
  6. Kindly complete any surveys you receive through Osmind, as they assist clinicians in assessing the efficacy of treatments.

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