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Check in with our ketamine clinic blog regularly for updates on ketamine news and research, helpful advice for coping with depression and anxiety, and pain management tips to help you improve your day-to-day life.

How Does Ketamine Impact the Brain?

How Does Ketamine Impact the Brain?

The human brain is the most complex entity known to man, with roughly 86 billion neurons, and it serves as the pain control center for our life. If you're suffering from emotional or physical pain that won't go away after standard treatment, you can benefit from an...

How Long Does Depression Last?

How Long Does Depression Last?

Depression, often known as major depressive illness, is much more than simply being sad on occasion. It is a mental illness and mood disorder that is thought to be caused by biological and environmental causes. To be diagnosed with major depressive disorder, you must...

How to Choose a Ketamine Clinic

How to Choose a Ketamine Clinic

As ketamine infusion therapy has become more widely accepted as a useful therapeutic tool, dozens of ketamine clinics have begun to open from coast to coast.  Ketamine seems to be capturing national attention, from the news media to opportunistic entrepreneurs. The...

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