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What to Expect

At New Horizon Infusion Clinics, we strive to achieve the best outcome possible for our patients seeking ketamine infusion therapy.  Ketamine is not appropriate for every patient,  and our process is designed to ensure ketamine is the right treatment option for your condition.

Ketamine Therapy: Pre-Treatment

  1. No food for six (6) hours and no drink for four (4) hours before your treatment time. You may take small sips of water with your medications. Try to drink a lot of water the day before your infusion, as this can help with IV access.
  2. Food and beverages are not permitted during the infusion. 
  3. Please turn off all cell phones or put on airplane mode during treatment. 
  4. You may bring your own pillow and blanket for comfort during the infusion. 
  5. No reading, using phone or watching movies during treatment. 
  6. No narcotics or ADD/ADHD medications on the day of treatment. If possible, avoid benzodiazepines and lamotrigine 24 hours prior to appointment. 
  7. Please try to maintain a calm, quiet demeanor throughout the infusion in effort to remain relaxed and comfortable. 
  8. You are encouraged to bring headphones/earbuds, with calm soothing music already on your phone.

Ketamine Therapy: The Appointment

step 1: Assessment

The first step in the process is a free assessment with a member of our provider team.  This is an information gathering conversation that takes place via a telemedicine session.  Our provider will take a general medical history, as well as document any previous treatments you have tried in the past.  This assessment will typically take 15-30 minutes.

step 2: Obtaining Medical Records

This step may not be necessary for every patient, but in most cases, our providers will want to review medical records from your primary physician.  This allows our providers to ensure that ketamine is a safe option for treatment.  We will have you complete a Release of Information form, and then assist you in obtaining records from your physician. 

step 3: Provider Review and Approval

Once we have completed the assessment and received your records, the information will be reviewed by the provider who will order and oversee your ketamine therapy. The provider may want to speak with you after reviewing your records if there is additional clarification needed.

step 4: scheduling

If approved for treatment, our team will reach back out to schedule your induction series of 6 infusions over 5 weeks. Typically, we assess the effectiveness of treatment after the 4th infusion to determine if the full 6 is necessary.  If no improvement is seen after 4 infusions, the decision may be made to discontinue. The majority of patients see improvement very quickly.

step 5: Treatment

On your infusion days, we ask that your refrain from eating 12 hours prior to the infusion, and drinking 6 hours prior to the infusion.  This will lessen the likelihood of side effects.  We also ask that patients hold all medications possible for 24 hours prior to treatment, to prevent reduction of ketamine effectiveness. 
We do require patients have transportation to and from the appointment, as driving is not allowed post infusion.

step 6: Follow Up and Maintenance

Patients will typically require maintenance infusions every 2-6 weeks to maintain the level of relief they are seeking. Our team will monitor your progress and work with you to develop a maintenance plan that best works for you.  
In addition, we will work with you and your insurance company to obtain reimbursement whenever possible. 

New Horizon Infusion Clinics have treated hundreds of patients seeking relief after years of failed treatments.  Reach out today to see if Ketamine Infusion Therapy may be an option for you.

Ketamine Therapy: post-Treatment

  1. No driving or operating heavy equipment for 24 hours after a treatment. 
  2. No alcohol consumption within 24 hours after completing the infusion. 
  3. Resume regular diet as tolerated. On rare occasions, some patients will experience nausea
  4. Resume normal afternoon or evening medications. 
  5. Go to the emergency room if you experience chest pain, hives, shortness of breath, increasing weakness or swelling of your IV site with redness. It is normal to feel fatigue the day of treatment.

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Those who have suffered sexual abuse or other forms of trauma often turn to ketamine infusion therapy as an alternative to conventional antidepressants for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Treatment with ketamine entails injecting little amounts of the drug intravenously. When the infusion is taken directly into the patient’s brain chemistry, it interrupts the vicious cycle of PTSD symptoms and destructive behaviors, allowing the patient to put their mind and body back in a state more conducive to the therapeutic and counseling efforts that have been undertaken. Because of its ability to bind receptors all over the body, ketamine can help the brain repair damaged connections, giving patients more agency over their health.

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If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with sexual abuse trauma or PTSD in Florida and are interested in how ketamine may be able to help you, take our qualification survey and schedule an appointment today!

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