Ketamine has emerged as a unique drug for treating a variety of treatment resistant mental health disorders and certain types of chronic pain conditions. The “unique” aspect of ketamine, is that it is the only drug used in clinical practice that has amnesic, hypnotic and analgesic effects.  Ketamine works in situations where countless other treatments have failed. Ketamine been shown in some studies to be effective in over 70% of treatment-resistant depression cases.  Patients that have tried psychotherapy, antidepressants, ECT(shock therapy), and holistic depression treatments may benefit. Ketamine has also been shown to be a highly effective solution for specifically neuropathic chronic pain conditions that are difficult to manage. Along that line, a new study has shown that ketamine infusions may offer relief to those suffering from refractory migraine headaches.

Originally published in Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine in July 2018, with a follow-up study published more recently, preliminary results show 77% of patients experienced migraine relief immediately following a ketamine infusion, with 40% of those patients experiencing sustained results. Side effects and adverse events were minimal and mild. These were chronic migraine sufferers that had not responded to other treatments.

Those who suffer from chronic migraines know how debilitating, and improving quality of life is a key goal of ketamine therapy.  Typically a series of 3 infusions are provided, then the patient is assessed for improvement. The availability of ketamine infusions is a true game changer for those who suffer from refractory migraines.

Migraine headaches often respond to a holistic approach, so along with ketamine infusions, these other interventions may be beneficial:

  • Dietary changes: eliminate processed foods, or food containing nitrates, chocolate, cheese, dried fruits, cultured dairy products, or MSG. Adding magnesium to your diet: almonds, oatmeal, eggs and milk are great sources!

  • Essential oils: try inhaling the scent of lavender oil, or rubbing a diluted lavender oil solution to your temples

  • Acupuncture and acupressure

  • Meditative or restorative yoga  

  • Massages are proven to improve stress response and coping skills while decreasing heart rate, anxiety and adrenaline

Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Tallahassee, FL

At our Tallahassee, FL ketamine clinic, we offer ketamine for migraine headaches, chronic pain, and psychiatric conditions. If you are suffering from migraine headaches, contact us. We’ll help you determine if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions.