Ketamine has been identified in recent years as a potentially effective option for treating a variety of psychiatric disorders and physical conditions. Ketamine has been found to work in situations where other treatments have failed. Ketamine is potentially highly effective for the alleviation of treatment-resistant depression, bringing relief that psychotherapy, antidepressants, ECT, and holistic depression treatments are unable to provide. Studies have shown up to 75% response rate in those suffering from PTSD and Depression.  It has also shown promise as a solution for chronic pain conditions that are difficult to manage, even with heavy doses of opiate painkillers. And now, a new study shows that ketamine infusions offer hope to those suffering from refractory migraine headaches.
Originally published in Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine in July 2018, the study showed that 77% of patients experienced migraine relief immediately following a ketamine infusion, with 40% of those patients experiencing sustained results. Side effects and adverse events were minimal and mild. Keep in mind that these patients were suffering from chronic migraine headaches, with treatment failure using traditional migraine headache treatments.
Ketamine for migraine headaches has gained increased attention in recent years. Migraine headaches are notoriously difficult to treat. Those who suffer from chronic migraines know how debilitating they can be, causing pain in the head, face and neck, with dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, distorted vision, and irritability as additional manifestations. The availability of ketamine infusions as an option provides a potential for relief in those who suffer from refractory migraines.
Other migraine treatments that can be performed in tandem with ketamine infusions include:
  • Dietary changes: eliminate processed foods, or food containing nitrates, chocolate, cheese, dried fruits, cultured dairy products, or MSG. Add magnesium to your diet: almonds, oatmeal, eggs, and milk are great sources!
  • Use essential oils: try inhaling the scent of lavender oil, or rubbing a diluted lavender oil solution to your temples
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Take a meditative or restorative yoga class
  • Pamper yourself with a massage, which is proven to improve stress response and coping skills while decreasing heart rate, anxiety, and adrenaline


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