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New Horizon Clinic hopes to make ketamine infusion therapy available to as many people as possible. We strive to keep our ketamine infusion pricing as low as possible, to make these life-changing treatments more accessible to more people.

Financing Options for ketamine Treatment

We are happy to partner with Advance Care to provide you with options for affording your Ketamine Treatment!

Click here or the image below to start your journey with Advance Care!

What is Advance Care?

Advance Care is the quickest and easiest way to pay for procedures and treatments not covered by your insurance.

Advance Care compiles all of the best credit card offers on the web into an easily accessible database. This benefits you by not having to go on the endless search for the right credit card. When you apply for one of the offers on this site, you are actually signing up directly with the bank! What this means for you is that the approval process is very short and you can receive your card quickly.

Why Choose Advance Care?
  • ​​Process is simple and offers quick decisions.
  • Co-signers may be ​used to increase chances of approval.
  • ​​Schedule your medical procedure as soon as you are approved.​
  • 6 or ​14 months interest free financing and competitive interest rates.​
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No prepayment penalties
  • ​No ​punitive late fees
  • ​​Unmatched customer service
Advance Care FAQ

Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about Advance Care.

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