As ketamine infusion therapy has become more widely accepted as a useful therapeutic tool, dozens of ketamine clinics have begun to open from coast to coast.  Ketamine seems to be capturing national attention, from the news media to opportunistic entrepreneurs. The rapid growth and popularity of ketamine infusions is, in many ways, a powerful and positive development: it provides hope and a potential therapeutic option to those long suffering from a variety of life altering conditions. However, not all ketamine clinics are created equal. Effective ketamine therapy involves more than just an infusion with a “See you later!”. Providing counseling support both before and after treatment is critical, as well as utilizing sound medical practices and protocols. 

So, how can you ensure you’re choosing a credible ketamine clinic? One that considers your health and safety their #1 priority? Look for the following:

  1. Experienced staff & medical professionals; a ketamine clinic should be run by physicians, or licensed clinicians,
  2. A thorough intake process that requires collaboration between your entire care team, including your primary care physician and/or mental healthcare providers
  3. Monitoring for drug side effects
  4. Compassionate care in a comfortable environment
  5. Follow-up with either a licensed counselor or your primary provider

Ketamine infusions are not typically the first line of depression treatment. Ketamine is used to treat individuals with treatment resistant depression, PTSD or chronic pain after other treatments have failed. A well-managed ketamine clinic will require a thorough patient screening and intake process that requires input from other members of the patient’s care team. Off-label ketamine is becoming more popular, but with the growth of the ketamine industry, there are concerns that some clinics are offering ketamine infusions to whoever is able to afford it regardless of therapeutic appropriateness. 

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Our Tallahassee ketamine clinic is happy to bring hope to northern Florida. We offer New Horizon Ketamine Clinics offers ketamine infusions to patients in the Tallahassee, FL area who are suffering from depression and pain. There are other ketamine clinics in the surrounding areas, and we understand that our patients have a choice when it comes to where they receive ketamine infusions. Our patients choose New Horizon Ketamine Clinics because we have some of Florida’s top physicians on staff to administer and monitor infusions. Our office environment is soothing, and the safety and comfort of our patients are always our first priority. Contact us to request a free consultation—we are happy to answer your questions and point you in the direction of health and happiness.