Current research has shown ketamine to be effective at treating several treatment resistant chronic conditions. Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, Chronic Neuropathic pain, and Fibromyalgia are just a few of the conditions which have been studied and shown improvement  with ketamine infusion therapy.  The outcomes of ketamine infusions can be further enhanced through the addition to counseling or psychotherapy, as well as through certain self-care practices.

Below are listed some important techniques and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your ketamine infusion session. 

Bring your favorite relaxing music. Music enhances relaxation, and headphones should block any background noise in the clinic.  Peace, quiet and minimizing outside distractions are key!

Avoid your electronic devices. We are all attached to our phones, but during your infusion session, it’s best to disconnect!. It is really difficult to use a phone while having an out-of-body experience!  Sit back, relax, and let ketamine work its magic.

Blankets and an eye mask are good ideas. Clinics, especially in Florida, are air-conditioned! We all know what is perfect for some is chilly for others. Many clinics have fluorescent lights, which are not the best for relaxation. It is all about comfort, and the eye mask and blanket can help! The more relaxed the experience, the more we can speed up the healing process.

Bring a friend or family member. A disassociated or “out of body” feel is common with ketamine infusion therapy.  As a result, your coordination may be impaired for a short period after your treatment.  Having a trusted family member or friend by your side can help ease your stress, knowing that someone has your back while you relax and let the therapy work. Your friend or family can also help with transport home,  as you will not be able to drive yourself for at least 24 hours after treatment. .

Make talk therapy part of your plan. Scheduling time with a therapist during or immediately after a ketamine infusion can sometimes lead to therapy breakthroughs. The dissociative state ketamine provides allows the therapist a window to explore any past traumas or emotional pains that are often walled off in a baseline mental state.

After your infusion sessions, focus on practicing self-care.  This can enhance or extend the positive results of ketamine. Seeing a counselor or psychotherapist, eating a nutritious diet rich in whole grains, Omega-3 fatty acids and other “brain foods,” getting lots of exercise to boost those endorphins and practicing other stress reduction techniques can all benefit your wellbeing.

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