Cancer patients often experience chronic pain that can be caused by the disease itself or as a side effect of chemotherapy. Cancer recovery can be made even more difficult due to the many emotional components, such as anxiety and depression, that can come with a diagnosis. As time progresses, novel ways to address these concerns are studied. Several recent studies and reports address ketamine as a potentially effective drug to treat chronic pain in cancer patients. 
During chemotherapy, neuropathic (pain originating in the nerves) pain can occur. A discussion of two studies regarding ketamine injections as pain management explains that pain was reduced in test subjects, suggesting this is a may be a viable option for those struggling with chronic pain due to cancer treatments. Ketamine has been used as an alternative to manage pain for patients who are longer responding to conventional opioid treatment.  Although additional research is needed, preliminary studies have shown ketamine to be a potential option for those suffering with cancers who do not respond to more conventional pain treatments. Some evidence also exists that ketamine may reduce the need for opioids, with adverse effects being mild in most patients. Ketamine seems to be most effective for cancer-related neuropathic pain in patients with inadequate pain control. The data demonstrates that ketamine infusions are generally well tolerated with minimal adverse effects, and provided many patients with pain relied lasting several months. Again, more studies need to be conducted to make any definite conclusions, but preliminary studies show a promising response and quick results for those suffering from cancer related chronic pain

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