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At New Horizon Infusion Clinics, hope is always on the horizon. Our ketamine clinic offers innovative and effective treatments for depression, chronic pain, and general wellness.

Owned and operated by some of Florida’s leading physicians, our team is highly trained in ketamine administration. We rely on proven protocols, personalizing each treatment plan to the needs of the patient, to help maximize results.

Patient safety and well-being is a top priority for our clinic. With licensed Social Worker Amanda Secran on staff, we provide qualified mental health support for patients seeking treatment. She, along with the rest of our staff, will be there to assist you every step of the way, meeting your needs to ensure whole and thorough care. Amanda also conducts follow-up appointments to ensure that your treatment yields the best outcome possible. We offer complete support at every step of the way.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our ketamine clinic and how we can help you or a loved one find hope.



Dr. Henry Kirsch

Dr. Henry Kirsch was born in Gainesville, Florida and is currently a Ketamine doctor in Tallahassee. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia and currently practices medicine in Tallahassee, Florida. He has training in diverse areas of medicine, including experience in emergency medicine, and specializes in internal medicine.
Dr Kirsch has embraced alternative therapies for many difficult to treat conditions, and is excited to bring the potential relief of ketamine infusion therapy to appropriate patients in the North Florida area. 

Amanda Secran, LCSW

Amanda is caring and compassionate while understanding that it’s not always easy to take the first step. She provides comprehensive mental health evaluations, and frequently works with patients to develop care plans that suit their needs. As the Mental Health Professional on staff, she provides evaluations prior to Ketamine treatment. She also conducts follow-up appointments to ensure the efficacy of treatment. 



Dr. Joseph Dorn

A native of South Carolina, Dr. Dorn holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and Doctorates in Medicine and Dentistry from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He has been a resident of Florida since 1994 and has been active in numerous medical missions to Central America for the last 20 years.

Dr Dorn has a long career with experience in both palliative care and is a leader in Florida’s medical cannabis industry.  Dr Dorn’s commitment to alternative therapy solutions has brought him to view ketamine infusion therapy as an exciting alternative for several intractable conditions.

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